Procedure on how to setup Warden for your Discord server.

Inviting Warden

To invite Warden to your server there's one thing you need:

  • Manage Server permission or be the owner of the server.

If you have that then you can continue on to inviting the bot by clicking here.

The permissions set for Warden is the ones it needs. Though, it can run without any permissions except send messages, read messages and embed links.

Warden will send an permissions missing error if the user and/or Warden is missing permissions for a command.

This image below shows how it should look like if Warden can have all the permissions it needs when you invite it.

A image to show the permissions Warden needs for its commands and functionality.

Setting up Warden for your server

Warden will get a setup command soon when I have learned more about continous instructions.

Currently to use moderation commands you need to set the modlog channel.

To setup Warden for your server you can use the settings command.

w!settings <setting name/reset> <value/reset>
Here's how a preconfigured settings panel looks like.

When setting a role/channel to either use the mention of the role/channel or the id of role/channel.

Demonstration on how to set a setting.

This image above is how it looks like if its successful but it may happen that it fails like this example:

Changes wont be made and you have to redo the command with the correct value that is allowed.

Website dashboard

Through the dashboard of Warden you can set server settings. Same permissions apply here to set settings.

Join the support server if you need help with using Warden.